[ubuntu-art] Wireless signal icons

Steven Brown swjb at interchange.ubc.ca
Sun Apr 16 18:46:37 BST 2006

Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
> Yes, this is a bug, the fix is due in the next icon package upload which 
> should land in a day or two. We will be cranking out a new icon package 
> regularly from now on to get as much feedback as possible on the icons.

Oh, alright, then!  Guess I should have refreshed my news before 
clicking 'send.'  hah.   :)

I also wanted to add that I think the sending/receiving status could be 
better illustrated with a single computer and arrows.  Even though the 
two computers and their monitors lighting up is used on Windows (many 
people are familiar with it), I don't think many people realize that one 
is "send" and the other is "receive."  Of course, these people probably 
wouldn't care.....  but it's not really intuitive, either.  :)

Overall, the icons are looking great.

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