[ubuntu-art] Inconsistence of gradients and artwork colors

Étienne Bersac bersace03 at laposte.net
Sun Apr 2 00:21:57 BST 2006


I completely agree with Billy. The curent artwork is obviously far  
from a polished final artwork. Every time i take a closer look at it,  
i think "that will be polished before June". But as i read above,  
some consider this artwork as final.  *glarg* !?

Billy is completely right about the gradient. Gradients are anarchic.  
I really like the title bar one. In general, the title bar is very  
nice both color, gradient, shape, buttons, etc.

I have something more to say : colours are anarchic too. I saw those  
colour : chocolate brown (mostly from breezy background), caramel  
brown, sharp orange and light orange. (I have some difficulty to  
express colour in english).

I think chocolate brown and orange fit well together. chocolate and  
caramel fit very well together. But orange and caramel do not fit  
well together. People like the chocolate brown. And really : the  
chocolate+gold from breezy was very good. adding it gradient will  
greatly improve this. We may let a try to caramel instead of gold.

One more thing : please use tangoish icons and colours. When i saw  
tangoish artwork, this was like a hope of a good artwork with the  
good basis of Tango.

On Windows, first things i do is installing firefox, OOo and other  
free softwares (i do this for other people since i don't use  
Windows). I don't want to see people changing theme as an emergency  


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