[ubuntu-art] Thoughts on the calendar

volvoguy volvoguy at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 01:16:13 CDT 2005

On 9/27/05, Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen <kamstrup at daimi.au.dk> wrote:

> The ideas for the elemental theme this far:
> Fire-Air:       The sun, sparks flying out of a bonfire
> Fire-Earth:     Volcano
> Air-Water:      Rain, a whale spraying water, A rainy day, a rainbow
> Air-Earth:      A tree (crown in the air roots in the earth), a breeze
> over a savannah producing a dust swirl
> Fire-Water:     Coffee, fire/sparks reflecting in water?
> Water-Earth:    A pool or lake, a spring, waterfall
> As far as I can tell the calendar is still up for grabs if anyone wants
> to give it a shot. There's no obligation to go with the elements idea...
> It's now 100% clear that I wont have the time to work on it myself :-S
> As a last resort we could pass the idea on to Canonical (or save it for
> Dapper). This was discussed briefly on IRC.

Not to be Mr. Negative, but this conversation is as the saying goes,
"A day late and a dollar short.". All the final artwork needs to be in
today. I haven't been able to catch Andrew anywhere lately, but I'm
guessing that the only goal we're going to have accomplished is the
icon theme (hopefully - at least enough to start using it in Breezy).

As to not make everyone feel too bad about this, our team really did
get off to a shaky start. It wasn't created until well into the Breezy
development cycle, there was a lot of initial lack of communication
(we thought we were waiting for our own hardware, website and version
control system, when we we really all should have signed up for flickr
accounts or something to show off our work in progress), we couldn't
really seem to get any conversations going via email or IRC, and my
medical problems kept me offline for days at a time sometimes. Even
more recently my mother had a surgery with complications such that her
recovery time changed from three weeks to three months and I've been
going nuts (a) taking care of her, and (b) trying to convince worker
comp that I couldn't very well have my own surgery in a month if there
wasn't anyone around to help me (and they don't want to send help or
let me delay the surgery, so it's a rock and a hard place type

I think the best we can offer Canonical at this point is the artwork
that's on art.ubuntu.com, and hope their own graphic artist has done
enough to pick up our slack. Given all of our challenges, I don't
think we should feel bad about that for this release. If we don't have
gigabytes of eye candy to show them by the Dapper Duck release though,
we should definitely consider ourselves slackers. :o)

That's my $.02 after taking my pain meds this evening and sitting down
to try to get some work done and falling asleep on my keyboard, waking
up with keys imprinted on my face six hours later. Doh! Kids - Drugs
are bad. Don't do drugs.


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