[ubuntu-art] Thoughts on the calendar

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at ubuntu.com
Thu Sep 29 02:02:26 CDT 2005

<quote who="volvoguy">

> I think the best we can offer Canonical at this point is the artwork
> that's on art.ubuntu.com, and hope their own graphic artist has done
> enough to pick up our slack. Given all of our challenges, I don't think we
> should feel bad about that for this release. If we don't have gigabytes of
> eye candy to show them by the Dapper Duck release though, we should
> definitely consider ourselves slackers. :o)

Don't be too concerned about results for this release - art team was never
intended to be on the critical path for default artwork. However, the most
important thing you guys should be looking at is the calendar backgrounds.
We've got lots of room for art team proposals for those. :-)

October begins very soon!

- Jeff

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