[ubuntu-art] The list of stuff to do!

Nikolai Dunkel n.dunkel at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 13:09:13 CDT 2005

wow that must have taken AGES to do!!! welldone! and yeah, thanks for
the initiative!

My PNG breezy Badger (transparent background, just as requested) is
pending upload to art.ubuntu...I couldnt find anywhere that would host
my svgs.....

this is however in effect the same thing (its so hi-res that it wont
have any scaling problems...), its transparent, AND its more
compatible with non-linux systems that dont support svg

I really hope its ok like this?? if not then Ill try again and again
uploading the svg.... what a shame theres no direct upload to

is a hires transparent png okay?
thanks, n.

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