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Pascal Klein 4pascal at tpg.com.au
Mon Sep 26 06:00:43 CDT 2005

On Mon, 26 Sep 2005 06:15 pm, volvoguy wrote:
> Just so ya'll don't think I'm slacking... I *am* scheduled (yet again)
> for another major back surgery on November 4th and I'm in enough pain
> that I'm really just trying to keep myself drugged into
> unconsciousness until that date.

I hope things work out alright for you, including a speedy recovery.

Moving back to the art site, I propose while we are on the subject that we 
organise some form of submission structure. For example:

I am trying to add a Kubuntu KDM theme (under the GDM section). I download the 
files, inspect them, try them out, and create a 96x72 ..._tn.png thumbnail 
file. Next comes the larger preview file (you can click on the little thumb 
later to open a larger version, at least for GDM themes). I made this a 
400x300. The file name read ..._pre.png (where "..." would be the name of the 
item added).

Now, from that, there are 2 uncertainties. Should all our 'larger' previews be 
400x300, and should the file name be ..._pre.png? We should do this soon, 
because the submitted themes are going to fill up, and consistency I think is 
important for art.ubuntu.com, no?

Ontop of that, I found a little package, which many of may or may not have 
encountered - pngcrush. It allows you to take out unnecessary chunks in PNG 
files and make them smaller, without loosing quality. It works especially 
well in images with gradients, or just large areas of limited colours (ie a 
mainly blue wallpaper). To use pngcrush:
$ pngcrush -reduce inputPNG.png outputPNG.png

I find it very handy in a fair few occasions. :o)

Have a nice week,
Pascal Klein

Pascal Klein
Wombat - [http://wombat.nuxified.com]

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