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volvoguy volvoguy at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 05:32:00 CDT 2005

On 9/26/05, Pascal Klein <4pascal at tpg.com.au> wrote:

> On Mon, 26 Sep 2005 06:15 pm, volvoguy wrote:
> [...]
> > Just so ya'll don't think I'm slacking... I *am* scheduled (yet again)
> > for another major back surgery on November 4th and I'm in enough pain
> > that I'm really just trying to keep myself drugged into
> > unconsciousness until that date.
> [...]
> I hope things work out alright for you, including a speedy recovery.

Thanks. :o) It's way overdue for getting this fixed, so I'm actually
looking forward to it.

> Now, from that, there are 2 uncertainties. Should all our 'larger' previews be
> 400x300, and should the file name be ..._pre.png? We should do this soon,
> because the submitted themes are going to fill up, and consistency I think is
> important for art.ubuntu.com, no?

I definitely think consistency is a good thing. If you'd like to write
up a draft of some basic guidelines for the FAQ and put the on the
wiki for now, we can chat about them on the list or IRC until we reach
an agreement about them. In case you're not familiar with wiki-ing, it
might be good to put this under the ArtTeam pages like this:


> Ontop of that, I found a little package, which many of may or may not have
> encountered - pngcrush. It allows you to take out unnecessary chunks in PNG
> files and make them smaller, without loosing quality. It works especially
> well in images with gradients, or just large areas of limited colours (ie a
> mainly blue wallpaper). To use pngcrush:
> $ pngcrush -reduce inputPNG.png outputPNG.png

Yeah, that's a great little tool isn't it?! Andrew introduced that to
me for working on the PNG versions of icons and now I rarely make a
PNG file without running it through pngcrush first. :o) That might
also be a good thing to put in the FAQ/wiki under a heading of, "How
can I optimize my thumbnails and preview images for the site?" - or
something along those lines.


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