[ubuntu-art] Tango

Oliver Grawert ogra at ubuntu.com
Wed Oct 19 10:48:56 CDT 2005

Am Mittwoch, den 19.10.2005, 09:43 -0500 schrieb Matthew Nuzum:
> > a snapshot package with the current tango icon theme is already in
> > breezy...
> >
> The Tango team is largely (?/partially?) made up of Novel Desktop
> developers. I think that visual aesthetics is one place where Linux
> distributions *should* differentiate themselves. Be careful embracing
> Tango at the expensive of Ubuntu's distinctive look.
i didnt make any suggestion in my post, just wanted to point out its
packaged so you can easily install/uninstall it if you want to have a

personally i wait for humility to be finished and polished ;)

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