Luka Cehovin luka.cehovin at
Wed Nov 9 10:55:01 CST 2005

Susanne wrote:

> Hello ubuntu-art-list-members!

hello :)

> A few month ago I made the logo for a german linux-community, called 
> "Penguins" ( And now I thought, I maybe could help 
> the Ubuntu-Team a little bit in whatever have to do with graphics.
> I think, that's all. Oh, you can find my private website at 
> or . Both in 
> german, maybe some of you speak german a little bit.
the art team is currently a bit inactive ... but we are listening so 
just ask if you want to know something ... you can also check the 
archives of this ML and irc logs 
( , channel #ubuntu-artwork). 
check also ... you can post your work (backgrounds, icons 
...) there.

and btw, nice website :)


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