Susanne svl at
Wed Nov 9 10:19:28 CST 2005

Hello ubuntu-art-list-members!

Today I subscribed to the ubuntu-art mailinglist. And now I will 
introduce myself:

My name ist Suzan (my real name is Susanne, but in forums, chats etc. I 
am known as "suzan"), I am a 33-year-old female from Nuernberg, Germany. 
(I hope, my english is good enough..) My profession is in graphics and 
design. I work daily with Photoshop and Freehand. Unfortunately Adobe 
will not provide these programs for linux, so I have to work with 
Windows at work. :-(

But at home I gave Linux a chance, one and a half year ago. I tried 
Knoppix, then SuSE. And finally I discovered Ubuntu (with Warty PR) a 
year ago and fell absolutely in love with it.

Since then I tried to work with GIMP and Inkscape, too. I must confess, 
for someone who works with PS and FH the whole day, it's a bit 
difficult. But the programs are great. Unbelievable they are totally 
free. :-)

A few month ago I made the logo for a german linux-community, called 
"Penguins" ( And now I thought, I maybe could help 
the Ubuntu-Team a little bit in whatever have to do with graphics.

I think, that's all. Oh, you can find my private website at or . Both in 
german, maybe some of you speak german a little bit.

Greetings from good old germany


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