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Sat Nov 19 08:16:52 CST 2005

I don't talk too much in this list, but I think I have an idea I can
share with you guys. About the Dapper Drake thing, I think your
concepts are really cool, Nikolai. In fact, I think all of them
represent exactly the mood. But my idea was more like having a cleaner
default desktop. Something that can be done for each release, like a
'identity' wallpaper. My idea is really simple, is just having the
Ubuntu logo, alongside an isotype (Does that word exist in english?)
showing the current release in the form of an icon. A black and
transparent simplified form of the current animal would be great. I
don't have where to post it right now to make the idea clearer, but
I'll do whenever I can.
It's just a proposal, the good thing about it is that the format can
be used for a lot of releases, and it doesn't have to be the default
desktop (I think the 'human' photography artwork is better for this),
but each release's identity wallpaper. What you guys think?

2005/11/7, Nikolai Dunkel <n.dunkel at>:
> To celebrate the opening of the Dapper repositories, I would like to
> submit these  concepts:
> This isnt too serious, just done quickly on my tablet, and I'm sure
> most of you freedom/peace-concept loving guys will hate it, as I just
> had some fun letting my imagination run wild, and made a evil duck, an
> evil (cool?) drake. Thats the first connotation that entered my head,
> i drew it, and now id like to share it with you.
> It's quite clear to me that this isnt in line with the ubuntu
> philosophy, i didnt mean it to be, but ubuntu is simply a great
> operating system, and thats the only reason im using it, while being
> no cooler than suse or debian or windows (only better…if you see my
> point…). Maybe this will get people to consider changing that a bit. I
> of course like the Ubuntu free/open motto, but I don't see that your
> desktop has to be faceless/neutral/boring? because of that.
> I've given up listening to people who want dumbed down cute ducklings
> that i know everyone else is going to create. If you want cute drakes,
> search for them elsewhere. As you all know, I don't like the
> faceless/boring logo, so after my scandalous (?) ubuntu medicine mask,
> which most people thought was too racy, I now bring you my next
> (scandalous ?) dapper drake.
> Think outside of the box, people, make some art with character!
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-Luis Santander

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