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volvoguy volvoguy at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 21:54:22 CDT 2005

On 7/29/05, Martin Magnusson <martin at blecket.org> wrote:

> I consider myself most skilled in the areas of typography, 3D-graphics
> and photography. Is anyone in charge of delegating work here? What needs
> to be done?

Hi Martin!

Actually, you're not much newer to this list than the rest of us. Our
team has only existed for a few weeks now. I'm the interum coordinator
for the art team, and we're still trying to sort out the things that
*need* to get done before the next release.

I just found out though that (thankfully), Canonical has hired a
graphic designer to do some of the artwork for Breezy. I say
thankfully because there is a HUGE pile of work to do. If the
community comes up with something everyone likes, we'll use that
instead of this designer's work - it's just a bit of a relief that
there's a backup plan. :o) That makes our primary goals the new icon
set we're working on, and 6 background calendar images for the
product's life. We're also going to be starting an Ubuntu specific art
website, which will likely use the code from art.gnome.org, but we
don't have a machine yet so that's still up in the air.

As far as fonts go, there are a few things you can tweak and see if
they suit you better. In the file  "/etc/fonts/local.conf" (which
you'll need superuser access to edit), there are two sections you can
uncomment to enable either "freetype autohinter module" or "subpixel
rendering". The format of this file is XML as opposed to some of the
other config files used in Linux, so instead of the usual "#" to
comment out a line, it uses "<!-- blah -->" (also like comments in
HTML). If you uncomment either or both of those sections and then
restart X, you can experiment to see if it improves the text to your
liking. FWIW, to restart X, I usually log out of my session and then
do a "control-alt-backspace", which will restart X and return you to
the login screen. I usually prefer the results of uncommenting both
sections in that file.

Hope that helps, and glad to have you aboard!


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