[ubuntu-art] New member (Sweden)

JoE anivair at gmail.com
Sun Jul 31 21:33:42 CDT 2005

On 7/29/05, Martin Magnusson <martin at blecket.org> wrote:

> I liked the first impression of the desktop, with its yellow/brown
> colour scheme and the very nice wallpaper. However, after a couple of
> days, the brown menu bars are getting less pleasant, and the standard
> anti-aliased font is also getting distracting. Viewing an anti-aliased
> font on-screen at small sizes isn't optimal, I think. It would be better
> (more legible) to have a crisp font. I would suggest changing the fonts
> and altering the colour scheme slightly towards a more red/yellow tint.

See, I like the brown at pretty much all times.  And users can change
a lot of defaults if they dislike them.  Though it might not hurt to
have a few "default" color scemes to choose from that maintain the
feel of ubuntu while moving away from the "just brown" look.

One of the things that I'm afraid of helping out here is that I really
like the way ubuntu looks and I'm afraid that I'm goign to be opposed
to change.  Oh well, someone has to.

Regarding the fonts: I really like the font that is used by default on
ubuntu.  it's made my web browsing very pleasant, though I agree that
maybe changing it so that it's easier to read across the board would
be nice (though the actual shapes of the font itself I love).

By the way, I'm joe auerbach.  Graphically I specialize in editing
pre-existing work, but I do OK on my own.

This weekend I went to a restaurant/resort/waterpark called Kalahari. 
The entire place has a nice african theme.  I went back with a sketch
pad just because it was so nice to do ubuntu work in that atmosphere.

The website might have some fun art on it, I haven't explored it yet. 

That's all.  glad to be on board.

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