[ubuntu-art] New member (Sweden)

Martin Magnusson martin at blecket.org
Fri Jul 29 19:02:20 CDT 2005

Hi everybody. I'm a newcomer to Ubuntu, but I really like my first few 
days' worth of impressions. I'd love to help out with the (so far very 
good-looking) graphic design of this distro.

I consider myself most skilled in the areas of typography, 3D-graphics 
and photography. Is anyone in charge of delegating work here? What needs 
to be done?

I liked the first impression of the desktop, with its yellow/brown 
colour scheme and the very nice wallpaper. However, after a couple of 
days, the brown menu bars are getting less pleasant, and the standard 
anti-aliased font is also getting distracting. Viewing an anti-aliased 
font on-screen at small sizes isn't optimal, I think. It would be better 
(more legible) to have a crisp font. I would suggest changing the fonts 
and altering the colour scheme slightly towards a more red/yellow tint.

Take care,
Martin Magnusson

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