[ubuntu-art] Hi and a suggestion

Matthew Nuzum mattnuzum at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 09:45:23 CDT 2005

On 7/20/05, Jane Silber <jane.silber at canonical.com> wrote:
> >>>for the future site of the art team, may i suggest that instead of a
> >>>wiki we use some sort of groupware? it seems more appropriate to me.
> >>>
> >>what is the rationale for a fragmentation from the rest of the ubuntu
> >>community ?
> >>
> >The wiki is not the nicest to upload and review art work.
> >
> The intention of the server was to provide a place to upload and review
> art work (and admittedly the wiki isn't the best thing for that).

Hi, I'm matt, and I'm gonna lurk for a while yet, but I just wanted to comment.

The wiki is great for content and easy editability. If a posting area
for images is needed to supliment that, why not do a quick and easy
install of "the Gallery Project?" The G2 interface is pretty stable
and is nice and easy to use. The older non-beta version is also great.
They both support comments and ratings for pictures. They are a piece
of cake to install and maintain and you can easily link to the gallery
from the appropriate wiki page.

Also, the Ubuntu site already uses plone, I'm surprised people aren't
jumping at the chance to use it.

The link for the gallery project is at: http://gallery.sf.net

I'm sure they'd love to see more high-profile sites like Ubuntu using
the G2 interface.

Matthew Nuzum

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