[ubuntu-art] Hi and a suggestion

Jane Silber jane.silber at canonical.com
Wed Jul 20 06:52:08 CDT 2005

Hi -

>>>for the future site of the art team, may i suggest that instead of a
>>>wiki we use some sort of groupware? it seems more appropriate to me.
>>what is the rationale for a fragmentation from the rest of the ubuntu
>>community ?
>The wiki is not the nicest to upload and review art work.
The intention of the server was to provide a place to upload and review
art work (and admittedly the wiki isn't the best thing for that). 

However, I also don't think  a generic "groupware" tool is the best
thing, and I think it would be unfortunate to treat the server as a
replacement for the wiki. Other teams maintain a presence on the wiki
and coordinate activities through the wiki, and I recommend that the art
team do that as well. 

I don't know the details, but I think a tool similar to gnome-look.org
(same software on kde-look.org) is the type of thing that is needed.   I
don't know what the tool is exactly on those sites, so it may not be the
best choice for various reasons. But I think we should be able to
identify an open source tool which allows easy upload, viewing, and
downloading of various types of artwork in a simple straightforward
way.  I don't think we want to replace or duplicate the wiki function,
the mailing lists, IRC, etc. -  just meet the artwork needs that aren't
met elsewhere.

My two cents.


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