[UBUNTU-ART] Why not an IRC channel?

volvoguy volvoguy at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 10:30:43 CDT 2005

On 7/18/05, Ricky Harris <rickyharris at gmail.com> wrote:

> I use, and have used xchat for many years. I consider it the best
> graphical client out there. I'll do my best to hang out in
> #ubuntu-artwork as well. that's on irc.linux.org for any one else who
> wants to join :)

I fired that up for a while last night and indeed it works nicely. 

I'm going to claim ignorance on your next point though as IRC servers
may be mirrored or sync'd or something, but our fearless icon-wielding
leader has pointed out that he hangs out in #ubuntu-artwork on
freenode. This is where I'll personally be hanging out too

> I'd be glad to help with icons  -  Just let me know what you need!
> i really need to get some of my more recent photography up on that
> link above - all of the photos in the "favorites" album are around a
> year or so old.

Luckily Andrew is working on a wiki how-to page about what needs to be
done and how to do it in regards to the icons. I personally can't wait
until we have a half-dozen (or more!) people cranking out Andrew's
icons. Once that's done we can get to the more creative stuff, and
probably lots of arguments.. er.. discussions about "default" calendar
wallpapers and web graphics. :o)


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