[UBUNTU-ART] Official art-team meeting times.

volvoguy volvoguy at gmail.com
Sun Jul 17 09:11:42 CDT 2005

Hi all!

I think that by late next week or early the following week we should
try to have our first official team meeting. I want to use this thread
to discuss what day/time would be best for everybody, so chime in with
what works best for you.

It seems as though UTC is the most common time code for arranging
international meetings, so I've been looking at this page to try and
figure out how all that works:


Personally, the only major responsibility I have right now is the
physical therapy for my back - usually just twice a week in the late
afternoon for a few hours. So it looks like any evening starting
around 2300 UTC to 0600-0700 UTC would work best for me. Day of the
week doesn't matter much, but all the new shows just started up again
on "Sci-Fi Fridays". I DO have a VCR though, so any day should be
fine. :o)

Post your own free time in this thread and I'll try to figure out the
best time for everyone. I think those chats can be logged, so nobody
should have to miss out entirely. We'll get the conversation up on the


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