[Bug 739959] [NEW] FFe: Sync privoxy 3.0.17-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)

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Tue Mar 22 10:25:32 UTC 2011

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Please sync privoxy 3.0.17-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)

Explanation of FeatureFreeze exception:
Only rdepend is tor which recommends this package.  Will fix bug 738171.

Upstream Changelog:
- Fixed last-chunk-detection for responses where the content was small
  enough to be read with the body, causing Privoxy to wait for the
  end of the content until the server closed the connection or the
  request timed out. Reported by "Karsten" in #3028326.
- Responses with status code 204 weren't properly detected as body-less
  like RFC2616 mandates. Like the previous bug, this caused Privoxy to
  wait for the end of the content until the server closed the connection
  or the request timed out. Fixes #3022042 and #3025553, reported by a
  user with no visible name. Most likely also fixes a bunch of other
  AJAX-related problem reports that got closed in the past due to
  insufficient information and lack of feedback.
- Fixed an ACL bug that made it impossible to build a blacklist.
  Usually the ACL directives are used in a whitelist, which worked
  as expected, but blacklisting is still useful for public proxies
  where one only needs to deny known abusers access.
- Added LOG_LEVEL_RECEIVED to log the not-yet-parsed data read from the
  network. This should make debugging various parsing issues a lot easier.
- The IPv6 code is enabled by default on Windows versions that support it.
  Patch submitted by oCameLo in #2942729.
- In mingw32 versions, the user.filter file is reachable through the
  GUI, just like default.filter is. Feature request 3040263.
- Added the configure option --enable-large-file-support to set a few
  defines that are required by platforms like GNU/Linux to support files
  larger then 2GB. Mainly interesting for users without proper logfile
- Logging with "debug 16" no longer stops at the first nul byte which is
  pretty useless. Non-printable characters are replaced with their hex value
  so the result can't span multiple lines making parsing them harder then
- Privoxy logs when reading an action, filter or trust file.
- Fixed incorrect regression test markup which caused a test in
  3.0.16 to fail while Privoxy itself was working correctly.
  While Privoxy accepts hide-referer, too, the action name is actually
  hide-referrer which is also the name used one the final results page,
  where the test expected the alias.

- CGI interface improvements:
  - In finish_http_response(), continue to add the 'Connection: close'
    header if the client connection will not be kept alive.
    Anonymously pointed out in #2987454.
  - Apostrophes in block messages no longer cause parse errors
    when the blocked page is viewed with JavaScript enabled.
    Reported by dg1727 in #3062296.
  - Fix a bunch of anchors that used underscores instead of dashes.
  - Allow to keep the client connection alive after crunching the previous request.
    Already opened server connections can be kept alive, too.
  - In cgi_show_url_info(), don't forget to prefix URLs that only contain
    http:// or https:// in the path. Fixes #2975765 reported by Adam Piggott.
  - Show the 404 CGI page if cgi_send_user_manual() is called while
    local user manual delivery is disabled.

- Action file improvements:
  - Enable user.filter by default. Suggested by David White in #3001830.
  - Block .sitestat.com/. Reported by johnd16 in #3002725.
  - Block .atemda.com/. Reported by johnd16 in #3002723.
  - Block js.adlink.net/. Reported by johnd16 in #3002720.
  - Block .analytics.yahoo.com/. Reported by johnd16 in #3002713.
  - Block sb.scorecardresearch.com, too. Reported by dg1727 in #2992652.
  - Fix problems noticed on Yahoo mail and news pages.
  - Remove the too broad yahoo section, only keeping the
    fast-redirects exception as discussed on ijbswa-devel at .
  - Don't block adesklets.sourceforge.net. Reported in #2974204.
  - Block chartbeat ping tracking. Reported in #2975895.
  - Tag CSS and image requests with cautious and medium settings, too.
  - Don't handle view.atdmt.com as image. It's used for click-throughs
    so users should be able to "go there anyway".
    Reported by Adam Piggott in #2975927.
  - Also let the refresh-tags filter remove invalid refresh tags where
    the 'url=' part is missing. Anonymously reported in #2986382.
    While at it, update the description to mention the fact that only
    refresh tags with refresh times above 9 seconds are covered.
  - javascript needs to be blocked with +handle-as-empty-document to
    work around Firefox bug 492459.  So move .js blockers from
    +block{Might be a web-bug.} -handle-as-empty-document to
    +block{Might be a web-bug.} +handle-as-empty-document.
  - ijbswa-Feature Requests-3006719 - Block 160x578 Banners.
  - Block another omniture tracking domain.
  - Added a range-requests tagger.
  - Added two sections to get Flickr's Ajax interface working with
    default pre-settings. If you change the configuration to block
    cookies by default, you'll need additional exceptions.
    Reported by Mathias Homann in #3101419 and by Patrick on ijbswa-users at .

- Documentation improvements:
  - Explicitly mention how to match all URLs.
  - Consistently recommend socks5 in the Tor FAQ entry and mention
    its advantage compared to socks4a. Reported by David in #2960129.
  - Slightly improve the explanation of why filtering may appear
    slower than it is.
  - Grammar fixes for the ACL section.
  - Fixed a link to the 'intercepting' entry and add another one.
  - Rename the 'Other' section to 'Mailing Lists' and reword it
    to make it clear that nobody is forced to use the trackers
  - Note that 'anonymously' posting on the trackers may not always
    be possible.
  - Suggest to enable debug 32768 when suspecting parsing problems.

- Privoxy-Log-Parser improvements:
  - Gather statistics for ressources, methods, and HTTP versions
    used by the client.
  - Also gather statistics for blocked and redirected requests.
  - Provide the percentage of keep-alive offers the client accepted.
  - Add a --url-statistics-threshold option.
  - Add a --host-statistics-threshold option to also gather
    statistics about how many request where made per host.
  - Fix a bug in handle_loglevel_header() where a 'scan: ' got lost.
  - Add a --shorten-thread-ids option to replace the thread id with
    a decimal number.
  - Accept and ignore: Looks like we got the last chunk together
    with the server headers. We better stop reading.
  - Accept and ignore: Continue hack in da house.
  - Accept and higlight: Rejecting connection from
    Maximum number of connections reached.
  - Accept and highlight: Loading actions file: /usr/local/etc/privoxy/default.action
  - Accept and highlight: Loading filter file: /usr/local/etc/privoxy/default.filter
  - Accept and highlight: Killed all-caps Host header line: HOST: bestproxydb.com
  - Accept and highlight: Reducing expected bytes to 0. Marking
    the server socket tainted after throwing 4 bytes away.
  - Accept: Merged multiple header lines to: 'X-FORWARDED-PROTO: http X-HOST:'

- Code cleanups:
  - Remove the next member from the client_state struct. Only the main
    thread needs access to all client states so give it its own struct.
  - Garbage-collect request_contains_null_bytes().
  - Ditch redundant code in unload_configfile().
  - Ditch LogGetURLUnderCursor() which doesn't seem to be used anywhere.
  - In write_socket(), remove the write-only variable write_len in
    an ifdef __OS2__ block. Spotted by cppcheck.
  - In connect_to(), don't declare the variable 'flags' on OS/2 where
    it isn't used. Spotted by cppcheck.
  - Limit the scope of various variables. Spotted by cppcheck.
  - In add_to_iob(), turn an interestingly looking for loop into a
    boring while loop.
  - Code cleanup in preparation for external filters.
  - In listen_loop(), mention the socket on which we accepted the
    connection, not just the source IP address.
  - In write_socket(), also log the socket we're writing to.
  - In log_error(), assert that escaped characters get logged
    completely or not at all.
  - In log_error(), assert that ival and sval have reasonable values.
    There's no reason not to abort() if they don't.
  - Remove an incorrect cgi_error_unknown() call in a
    cannnot-happen-situation in send_crunch_response().
  - Clean up white-space in http_response definition and
    move the crunch_reason to the beginning.
  - Turn http_response.reason into an enum and rename it
    to http_response.crunch_reason.
  - Silence a 'gcc (Debian 4.3.2-1.1) 4.3.2' warning on i686 GNU/Linux.
  - Fix white-space in a log message in remove_chunked_transfer_coding().
    While at it, add a note that the message doesn't seem to
    be entirely correct and should be improved later on.

- GNUmakefile improvements:
  - Use $(SSH) instead of ssh, so one only needs to specify a username once.
  - Removed references to the action feedback thingy that hasn't been
    working for years.
  - Consistently use shell.sourceforge.net instead of shell.sf.net so
    one doesn't need to check server fingerprints twice.
  - Removed GNUisms in the webserver and webactions targets so they
    work with standard tar.

Changelog entries since current natty version 3.0.16-1:

privoxy (3.0.17-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version 3.0.17-stable (Closes: #611016).
  * Adapt all patches to the new version.
  * Add debian/source/format (1.0).
  * 29_typos: fix spelling of resource in privoxy-log-parser(1) man page.
  * Upgrade to Standards-Version 3.9.1 (no changes).
  * Add $named to Required-Start/Stop in init script. Thanks to Nikolaus
    Schulz <microschulz at web.de> (Closes: #539405, #582710)
  * Install /etc/privoxy/user.filter

 -- Roland Rosenfeld <roland at debian.org>  Tue, 01 Mar 2011 21:10:26

** Affects: privoxy (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Wishlist
         Status: Confirmed

FFe: Sync privoxy 3.0.17-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)
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