No Orca on Ubuntu 17.10

Glenn At Home gErvin at
Tue Apr 3 00:59:36 UTC 2018

I sent out a message to the list earlier from the office, but it never showed up, so maybe I got the address incorrect.
Anyway, I have a laptop running windows 7 with 2GB of RAM
I installed the Ubuntu 17.10 32 bit (i386) onto a thumb drive with Universal USB Installer.
This I have done many times with older versions of Ubuntu.
It boots up, and I get the thunk when I backspace in either the terminal window, or the run field, so I know that there is audio.
Neither super + alt + S nor control + S will start orca.
I tried running orca in the alt + F2 run window, and it did not work.
The speaker-test worked in a terminal.
Any ideas why Orca won't run?
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