Very bad news for me&I do not know how many others/UbuntuOne cloud storage service to be shutdown

B. Henry burt1iband at
Wed Apr 9 00:25:12 UTC 2014

Subject says it:
Ubuntu One is going away, most of it anyway. The most important part for me and probably a few or more of you is that the Dropbox-like synchronized storage is being shutdown with all content to be deleted in July. 
Here's a link to read the basics.
Canonical to close Ubuntu One cloud-storage service - Computerworld

The music store and streaming is also being shutdown. I never tried that, but would certainly try it before ITunes and many of the other alternatives, and had actually intended on checking it out soon.
There are other alternatives, but I already use a lot of my free dropbox, and have maxed it out at least once and had to do emergency housekeeping. 
I've found google docs/drive less than wonderful with screenreaders, and only practically usable with chrome/chromevox, and the two are not really comparable. 
The integration with Ubuntu made it especially nice for us Vinux users, and I have just been taking good advantage of UbuntuOne to transfer some things I've worked out while using arch to my Vinux installation.
Who is using other cloud storage services that they like&can recommend to fellow screen-reader users? 
For me must meet criteria  are:
Accessible/efficiently usable on Linux, prefferrably with both CLI and GUI access.
a  full featured free account option.
The more free storage the better of course, but 1GB as a bare minimum, hopefully at least 2GB for basic/free accounts.
A way to share files via links with users who do not have an account with the service.
Less important to me, but nice would be a way to share files and folders for cooperative projects. 
More important than that last one for me is a dropbox-like ability to retrieve old versions of modified files for some limited time.
The other thing I did not mention but will miss is using Ubuntu1 to handle attachments sent with thunderbird. For those who have not used this, you basically send a link after thunderbird has uploaded the file to be attached to your UbuntuOne storage. This gets around both size and filetype restrictions that most email systems impose on users for mostly good reasons.  There are other services that do this, but as I've had a UbuntuOne account for almost as long as I've been using Vinux it was a no brainer to use this account once thunderbird added this feature. 

Some of you also know that I started using U1 via ftp a bit a while back, and I do not know of other services that have this type of access.
Also, while not 100% necesary for me right now, good cross-platform support&accessability are very important. 
Having access to some of my important&frequently used files with no planning on the occasions I boot in to Windows is sure nice, and when ever I geet a smartphone I'll probably be using it much more than

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions and experiences. I remember checking in to a couple of the interesting dropbox alternatives a year or two ago and finding they were mostly or completely inaccessible. 
I know I could make a gmail imap folder and use it to store email to myself with attached compressed files and folders, but that's hardly elegant, efficient, and would be very limited because of those attachment type and size limits.


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