Thanks letter for all Accessibility engaged developers from Canonical LTD

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel chmeljanusz at
Wed Sep 21 15:58:35 UTC 2011

Dear developers,

     I would like to use this opportunity and i would like to deeply 
appreciate Yours long term work related to Ubuntu accessibility. You are 
The good example, that new user interfaces and new software technology 
can be developed for handicapped and also for non handicapped users.
I would like to thank MR Yelavich for his outstanding programmers work, 
because i know, that working on accessibility is not his only one 
working activity for Canonical.
His role is very complex, because he must make a balance, so 
accessibility for visually impaired users can not be in The conflicts 
with user interface plans of Canonical LTD.
I Am patient and eventhough i AM helpless to try latest Ubuntu builds 
myself, i have tried The build from Monday and also Beta1, i know, that 
MR Yelavich is doing his best to bring The accessible Ubuntu for 
visually impaired users as soon as possible.
CTRL+S is not running Orca at all.
I have tried it with build from Monday for The several time, even boot 
option access=v3 is not helping me.
Even triing to stop light display manager service by using earlier post 
from very kind and intelligent MR Attia is not working, it worked 
probably for Alpha 1
sudo service lightdm stop
SO i AM looking forward to BETA2 release, i believe, that this release 
will be awailable in The first week of next month.

There are very probably some complex steps which are necessary to 
complete to use Orca successfully.
But from Console, Orca is working, So ammazing fact is, That 
speech-dispatcher and Pulseaudio are working ammazingly and smoothly 
without issues.

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