ORCA, SSH and XWindows

Loren Schoof loren_schoof at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 11 21:24:37 BST 2009

I am hoping someone on this list will have had experience with the situation I will describe below and can share it with me.

The group I'm in will be installing SAS software on a Linux server.  SAS uses a windowed display that they have standardized across multiple platforms.  Under Linux, the GUI is rendered through XWindows as I understand it.  
When SAS is installed on a windows PC, the GUI works well with my JAWS screen reader.  When I connect to a Linux machine using PUTTY, JAWS does not handle the windowed environment from the Linux machine.
So my question is: if I convert my PC to Linux with ORCA and connect to the SAS server via SSH or RLOGIN, will ORCA be able to work with the SAS windows?

Loren Schoof
loren_schoof at yahoo.com

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