orca response

jonathan j.nadeau at charter.net
Wed Oct 7 02:15:18 BST 2009


I just installed the betta today and noticed that orca does not respond
as fast as in 9.04 When I entered the orca setup there where a few new
options like default or espeak or dummy. Which of these should I use to
get the best performace? One last thing I tried to remove pulseaudio
thinking that it would give me better performance and after I lost all
of my sounds in ubuntu. conecting everything to pulse is an awful idea.
any time orca runs through pulse it effects the speed and response of
orca. Pulse audio is orcas worst enemy. I tried to get help from the
pulse audio mailing list on how to optimize pulse for orca to work the
best and no one even responded. I explained that I was blind and wanted
help on how to configure pulse but still recived no help. Thank you for
your time and help.       

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