gksu and policykit

Paul Hunt huntp at ukonline.co.uk
Thu Jul 2 13:25:10 BST 2009


I'm wondering if the long standing issue of not being able to run 
administrative applications that use gksu to obtain the user's password 
before they run with Orca will be fixed in the next version of Ubuntu.

While the gksu dialogue is accessible, speech cuts out immediately after 
pressing return or pressing the Okay button and cannot be resumed until 
the user kills the gksu process from a text console at which point the 
administrative application is accessible.

I know that some of the admin apps in Ubuntu have been shifted over to 
using PolicyKit for user authentication but that the apps themselves 
need to be rewritten for this to work.

Apparently there is work being done on a new version of gksu that uses 
PolicyKit as its backend rather than su or sudo.  I'm wondering if this 
will be included in the next version of Ubuntu.

this bug was filed back in the days of Ubuntu Feisty but some work seems 
to have been done on it early this year which seems to indicate that 
using gksu-polkit and Orca can be made to work.  the bug url is;


I hope something can be done to solve this long standing problem soon.  
In my opinion its the biggest problem blind users are currently facing 
with Ubuntu.


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