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Angelo Marra angelo.marra at
Thu Jul 2 13:57:46 BST 2009

Sorry it is not cler to me: can I use SAPI in LINUX ?
I have Ubuntu 9.04...
How about Dictation?
Thanks a lot

Thomas Lloyd ha scritto:
> Hi,
> Not sure if you have tried Cygwin but that does allow you to open both a
> full gnome desktop and individual applications within windows and in
> theory should allow you to control the system remotely over ssh via
> Dragon. 
> You can run the system full screen and you would not know that you were
> even using a windows system.
> If you would like further information let me know as i have worked quite
> extensively on such setups.
> As a side note i have been integrating the Microsoft SAPI interface into
> Linux and have been mainly concentrating on text to speech but there is
> the speech to text interface that I have tested but not yet done any
> work on. I see that Dragon also has the potential to have such an
> interface developed in the same fashion that I have created for SAPI. I
> have quite a large amount of experience and as along as we can get the
> bare minimum components of Dragon running under Wine your away.
> I could do with a sneak peak at the details on the Dragon scripting
> interface to see if it supports COM automation under windows. If so it
> will be more straight forward for me.
> I have a little bit of experience of the SAPI speech recognition system
> and never rated it really, that is why i have left it alone till now.
> Anyone who has experience of it can let me know otherwise.
> I would love someone with experience of the Vista SDK to come on board
> and help me suck out the SAPI 5.3 components to see if we can get them
> running under wine. Any volunteers? 
> Tom 


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