Help with an Espeakup Error

Paul Hunt huntp at
Thu Jul 2 12:33:45 BST 2009


Is speakup actually running?  Sounds like it isn't.

Have you recently installed updates?  A new kernel was included in a 
recent batch of updates.  If a new kernel has been installed you'll need 
to rebuild speakup for the new one.


On 02/07/09 12:19, Storm Dragon wrote:
> Hi,
> Speakup and Espeakup were working perfectly until just recently.  Now, 
> when I try to start Espeakup, I get this message:
> Unable to open the softsynth device: No such file or directory
> Does anyone know what's wrong and how to fix it?  Using Ubuntu 9.04.
> thanks
> Storm
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