braille doesn't work at all under Ubuntu 8.04.1

Labrador labrad0r at
Wed Sep 3 16:49:24 BST 2008


First of all I ignore if the problem comes from brltty only, or from brltty
+ Ubuntu; anyway I posted this mail to both, Dave and Luke from the respective
accessibility lists (in BCC).

The facts now:
brltty 3.9.6 seems not to get started on the Ubuntu Hardy O S I freshly
installed yesterday (together with a sighted person) on a laptop:

A) it doesn't autodetects my Alva Satellite 544, that's a big problem 
and IMHO an important *regression*, sorry :
it "auto" was causing some problems, the "serial-usb" now causes 100% of
problems, what IMHO cannot be seen as a progress in a11y!

B) it also points now for configuring the display **each time I boot up** my
that annoying situation forces me to press (blindly) X or to try U (usb) but
in both cases **there's no braille started**, even when I hear the Ubuntu 
BTW on screen it seems to tell that brltty is already configured: well it
is! but it doesn't fit my display's spex so it won't work, while Ubuntu 
Gutsy did, except for an apropriate braille table (but that's another
discussion for later...)

What now ? what can I do except reinstalling a Gutsy and updating then to 
Hardy ?
Btw I can't login through ssh to my lap, probably because I wasn't able to 
add (blindly) the ssh and openssh-server packages (also a point of
discussion IMHO)

I'm really becoming depressed when I see such things:
problems are becoming bigger and complicated while the previous version
should have worked if the bug in it had been fixed, simply and efficiently.
Now nothing workx, not even if I enter USB: in the brltty.conf

Sorry if it's not always in my best English, I did my best to explain a
permanent problem of a bugged brltty or bugged Ubuntu install session, since
Feisty, now more than 1 year ago; I wish one will fix this for now and
forever if possible.


-- : 
Micro$oft has a majority market share in the new desktop PC marketplace.
This is a bug, which Ubuntu is designed to fix ! 

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