where can I download the ubuntu manual

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Wed Sep 10 22:10:02 BST 2008

alan c wrote:
> mike wrote:
>> Hi, There use to be a link to download the ubuntu documentation. I got a server guide and a desktop guide at that time.
>> But I do not see a link for downloading the guides anymore.
>> Does anyone know the currant link to them?
>> Mike.
> I believe it would be
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training
> and specifically
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=student-7.10.pdf
> However, the links do not seem to be working - fo rme anyway. Maybe I 
> am doing something wrong

Ah! I recall that this is also available as a torrent download
(In fact I am one of the several people who are seeding this torrent)
please see
and use the torrent file to get the student.pdf.

If you have any questions please ask?
alan cocks
Kubuntu user#10391
Linux user #360648

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