Moin and Wiki / Improving Accessibility

Mauricio Hernandez Z. mhz at
Mon Apr 14 16:31:22 BST 2008

Hi guys,

As some of you already know, I am pationate about wiki concept and
esp. about MoinMoin.
I know there are some restrictions about the versions, plugins,
macros, add-ons, etc we can have installed for the Moin wikis we all
use and that are hosted by Canonical sysadmins (data center).

However, I wanted to bring this to your attention because I thought it
may add "one more argument" towards accepting some Moin features and
hopefully migrating! (FYI, Moin current version is 1.6.x but we are
still using 1.3.4):

 * <-- Any of you guys
can get there?

And last, but not least (regarding just one of the many new cool
available features for Moin):


Mauricio Hernandez Z.

[Mail escrito sin caracteres especiales o acentos para evitar
conflictos de lectura entre sistemas]

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