Large print support?

Hugh Sasse hgs at
Mon Apr 14 10:38:52 BST 2008

I've had a chance to explore a Ubuntu system at the weekend,
dual boot and also running on a Microsoft Virtual Machine.
Booting straight into GNU/Linux worked very well, but I had some
problems I'd like to report with the virtual machine.  On the
whole the interface was good, and I'm impressed with the effort
to make the GUI modern and user-friendly

When I went to the preferences setup to enlarge all the fonts 
to around 20 points, I found that the dialogue box was too big
for the virtual machine window, even though I had stretched it
as far as it would go.  I could thus not get at the OK button
to approve my large print settings.  I'm wondering if making
the whole panel scrollable would be a useful fix for that?

Also, on the system (which I had not installed, and I'm not familiar
with what is possible yet) there were no VI accessibility tools such as
a magnifier, akin to the Microsoft magnifier.  The
accessibility options that I could see were for the keyboard
mostly. I'm thinking that the way it was installed may well
have resulted in missing tools.  Are there more tools available?

I had not really clicked that Ubuntu was based on debian.  On firing
up Vim I found that syntax highlighting is disabled, and on downloading
a new runtime, etc, (which I had to do via another machine, not using
apt-get) I still could not find a --with-features=big distribution.
This seems an unusual choice (not for a linux intended to be really 
small, perhaps) because open source needs contributers, and anything
that makes it easier for programmers is likely to increase that. Syntax
highlighting seems to be the norm for editors these days.  Yes, I
can compile it myself of course,  but there's a reason for using
a packaging system...  How would I determine if a --with-features=big
package exists?

        Thank you,

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