harmonizing on-screen keyboard progress

Francesco Fumanti francesco.fumanti at gmx.net
Wed Oct 25 13:15:54 BST 2006

Hello David,

I assume you are talking about onboard.You can find the current specs 
about onboard here:

However, any idea is welcome and if you post in this list or in the 
accessibility forum, the onboard team will take notice. Here is the 
accessibility forum:

By the way, here is the start-thread of onboard (formerly known as 
sok) in the accessibility forum:
But you are free to start new threads with your ideas and concerns.

Have a nice day.


>Henrik, All,
>Hi. I'm just wondering if it might be helpful for everyone involved or
>interested in free/open-source on-screen keyboard (or alternative input
>software) development to get together in one place or on one phone call
>to educate each other on our plans and ideas for best serving our users.

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