Role of the "Chair" on the Tech Board?

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Fri May 25 07:09:31 UTC 2012

On Fri, May 18, 2012 at 09:31:59PM -0700, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
> On 17/05/12 20:13, Elizabeth Krumbach wrote:
> > Mark - I know you've felt strongly in the past about having a Chair on
> > Boards and Councils, but do we have the specifics of this role
> > documented? Perhaps it is it time to re-evaluate the merits?
> I think it's valuable to have someone who has a deciding role in the
> event of a split in the team. Of course, things can be escalated, and we
> prefer not to get into that situation, but it helps even if it's just
> that everyone is aware that a decision will get made. I think things
> allocated to "the team" are less likely to get done than things for
> which a person feels responsible.

In practice, we've never needed a tiebreaker, and as SABDFL you can already
do that if needed.  If the chair is necessary, then there should be some
mechanism for it to pass from one person to another.  If not, then we should
probably get rid of it.  I'm leaning toward the latter.

 - mdz

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