Role of the "Chair" on the Tech Board?

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Fri May 25 13:26:22 UTC 2012

Yes, we do have escalation mechanisms, and having the chair act as a
tiebreaker only to have the decision escalated would be demoralising for
the tiebreaker (we could of course get better about declining to review
decisions if on the face of them they were properly made).

After discussing this in the CC hangout yesterday, we propose:

 * there not be any *requirement* of a chair (and in the case of the
current TB we'd be happy to drop the role)
 * we document the role of the chair for the cases where we or others
want to institute one in a delegate board

On the role front, things came up like:

 * taking decisions when a board is not quorate (i.e. emphasize "there
will be a decision, show up")
 * convening and liasing with the CC / other boards
 * tiebreakers (if the super-council will be supportive)

This could be YAGNI, but we've had occasion in the past with less
functional councils to say "pull yourselves together, follow the lead of
this person please" so we think it's worth documenting.


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