Confusing intertwining of Ubuntu Development teams for Membership

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Tue Mar 9 07:49:52 GMT 2010

We should strive to have this as simple as possible, but no simpler.

When we delegate permissions management to different groups who are
focused on different areas, it helps if they are directly administering
teams which reflect JUST the folks they have approved. If we ever have a
problem with the way that delegation has been handled, we know
immediately who is affected. Whereas if we have admins sharing the
rights to a consolidated team, we have to trawl through the paperwork to
figure out who did what, when.

So, as a general pattern, we have preferred to create teams which
reflect the set of people empowered by a particular council, or board.

For example, we have kubuntu-members. We have similar groups for IRC and
Forums. In the case of the developer space, we have specifically wanted
to achieve two things:

 - permissions management that is more closely coupled to domains, hence
   - package sets, package-specific uploads, and delegation to teams
like Kubuntu
 - the ability to participate as a developer before fully qualifying for

Please ensure that you don't push for a level of simplicity that makes
it impossible to achieve those goals.


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