French politicians want to tax tablets for not running Windows

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> LMAO!  Never thought of it that way.  We don't know what Jesus
> "really" said because it was several generations before his story was
> written down, and between that time his story changed quite a bit as
> it was handed down by word-of-mouth.
>> Lastly, if to cheer you up, at least you're not bombed to poverty or  
>> death
>> by your government, which they would do to other countries; for your  
>> sake,
>> for your freedom, for your wealth, for your way of life, for your
>> god,....and they'll keep on telling you.
> Yeah, that's Right Wing/Tea Party propaganda at its finest.  I've
> dropped Christianity.  I used to be a Born Again Christian, but since
> the beginning I've felt something wasn't right.  Then, I found the Law
> of One, "Conversations with God" by Neale Donald Walsch, and the Law
> of Attraction.  Also, read "Deconstructing the Bible", its an
> enlightening experience.
> In summary, the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, the original
> Hebrew texts, is a mixture of different writings from the Canaanite
> religion.  The names used for God in the original texts were all gods
> from the Canaanite pantheon.  There's more, and its shocking.  Get the
> book and find out for yourself.  You're religion isn't what you
> thought it was.

Hi Michael, thanks for the references; you might be interested in the  
works of Bart Erhman, hope I get his name right; he was a pastor doing  
serious doctoral (as unlike the many so called theology colleges) work  
into the translation of the bible and spent 30 years doing just that.  
However, I must warn you his writings are quite dry and academic but it  
gives a valid discourse into the historical contradictions and translation  
errors which caused him much grief. And Finklestein, who was funded by the  
Israeli govt, set to look for historical proof for the exodus from egypt.  
(that was when sinai was under israeli rule)

And yes, I've read 'pro' books too, by Stobel and others.

Finally, lets end with a bit of levity, it has been too dismal the last  
few posts.  :)
Yes, Michael, I was just talking about JC, not his father who is quite er,  
(politely) a rascal. But at least he was slightly better when his son was  
born. I guess fatherhood has positive impact on some guys.   :)

Cheers - Goh Lip

I used to have an open mind,
but my brains kept falling out.

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