French politicians want to tax tablets for not running Windows

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On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 12:28 AM, Goh Lip <g.lip at> wrote:
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>> I am absolutely serious.  It may be ironic but it is what fascism is
>> about. They might be able to get millions from MS but they can get billions
>> from the lower and middle class by appearing to champion them. The middle
>> class is where all the money is.  You only have to leave him enough to eat,
>> 25% of his income. Take more and he leaves for another country. You can only
>> take a business mans profit and that is only 15 to 30% of his income. Take
>> more and he also leaves.   Why would any liberal politician get close to big
>> buisness it's the kiss of death in a socialist/fascist country like France,
>> and it's where the least money is. With millions working in governemnt do
>> you think a deal with MS could be kept quiet??  It would be out on wiki
>> leaks in a heart beat.                        Doug
> I really have no issue with people who disagree with me, or want to do,
> believe or live their ways which I disagree with - as long as they do not
> compel me to change to theirs. It is their choice if they are happy with
> capitalism, communism or fascism or whatever labels they want to put on.
> However, it still bothers me (oh, only so slightly, mind you, and for a
> better word, 'tickles'?)  that words and labels are thrown about that, in
> effect, are contradictory to their implied meaning. And by using words that
> connote some *other* implied or common-wisdom-accepted notions (wrongly, by
> propagandist iterations), they would seem to hold the moral high ground, so
> to speak (sneaky, isn't it?).
> I do not think it is pedantic or 'hair splitting' to point out the
> following.. Indeed, I think it is essential to understand the total misuse
> of the labellings - though with constant brainwashing, it is understandable,
> hence my slight 'tickle'.
> First, take 'fascism"....1st 2 paragraph from wikipedia...
> <quote>
> Fascism (pronounced /ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a radical and authoritarian nationalist
> political ideology.[1][2][3][4] Fascists seek to organize a nation according
> to corporatist perspectives, values, and systems, including the political
> system and the economy.[5][6] Fascism was originally founded by Italian
> national syndicalists in World War I who combined extreme Sorelian
> syndicalist political views along with nationalism.[7][8][9] Though normally
> described as being on the far right, there is a scholarly consensus that
> fascism was also influenced by the left, but with a focus on solutions from
> the right.[10][11][12][7][13]
> Fascists believe that a nation is an organic community that requires strong
> leadership, singular collective identity, and the will and ability to commit
> violence and wage war in order to keep the nation strong.[14] They claim
> that culture is created by the collective national society and its state,
> that cultural ideas are what give individuals identity, and thus they reject
> individualism.[14] Viewing the nation as an integrated collective community,
> they see pluralism as a dysfunctional aspect of society, and justify a
> totalitarian state as a means to represent the nation in its
> entirety.[15][16]
> <unquote>
> Now, which country do we think has "the will and ability to commit violence
> and wage war in order to keep the nation strong"?, France? No.....
> Now, which country do we think has "to organize a nation according to
> corporatist perspectives, values, and systems"?, France?

The current US sorta meets that description.  :-(

> Now, next we take "middle class"...

Which is nearly extinct here in the US.

> <google yourself>
> Now, which country recently increased the threshold for estate taxes, and
> extend tax breaks for the wealthiest 2%, (it cannot be you, even with your
> yacht) and made the the poorest even poorer? And these 2% hold what % of the
> wealth? Hah! Sounds more like fascism, not socialism. And for these many
> (salutary) entrepreneurs, the govt is not thinking about them, they're not
> even close to Koch or Murdoch, and that's what they're are thinking about.
> So to have the 'middle class' and Joe (6-pack, plumber, whatever or more
> accurately, disenfranchised, unemployed and no house) rooting for policies
> that make them even poorer, healthcare unaffordable, jobless seems to be
> antithetic. France? No...

*raises hand* I know the answer sensei!

> Next, take 'god'...that to me, seems to be a cause for the antithetic
> behaviours, but because it is deemed sensitive, I shall be brief.
> Jesus Christ, according to the book, was not only for the poor, he was the
> model communist.

LMAO!  Never thought of it that way.  We don't know what Jesus
"really" said because it was several generations before his story was
written down, and between that time his story changed quite a bit as
it was handed down by word-of-mouth.

> Lastly, if to cheer you up, at least you're not bombed to poverty or death
> by your government, which they would do to other countries; for your sake,
> for your freedom, for your wealth, for your way of life, for your
> god,....and they'll keep on telling you.

Yeah, that's Right Wing/Tea Party propaganda at its finest.  I've
dropped Christianity.  I used to be a Born Again Christian, but since
the beginning I've felt something wasn't right.  Then, I found the Law
of One, "Conversations with God" by Neale Donald Walsch, and the Law
of Attraction.  Also, read "Deconstructing the Bible", its an
enlightening experience.

In summary, the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, the original
Hebrew texts, is a mixture of different writings from the Canaanite
religion.  The names used for God in the original texts were all gods
from the Canaanite pantheon.  There's more, and its shocking.  Get the
book and find out for yourself.  You're religion isn't what you
thought it was.

Michael "TheZorch" Haney
"The greatest tragedy in mankind's entire history may be the hijacking
of morality by religion." ~ Arthur C. Clarke
"The suppression of uncomfortable ideas may be common in religion and
politics, but it is not the path to knowledge, and there is no place
for it in the endeavor of science. " ~ Carl Sagan

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