French politicians want to tax tablets for not running Windows

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Tue Jan 4 15:44:37 UTC 2011

On 01/04/2011 08:02 AM, Goh Lip wrote:
> On 01/04/2011 03:43 PM, Samuel Thurston wrote:
>> On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 1:26 AM, Goh Lip<g.lip at>  wrote:
>>> I would not disparage their anger or lack of understanding, for they 
>>> have
>>> contributed much and received far less.
>> Anger, I don't disparage.  The lack of understanding I still have 
>> trouble with.
> When you have a job (sometimes 2) to hold, trying to put food on the 
> table, kids to send to baseball, groceries/chores to run and watch a 
> game or 2 to relax, maybe a cursory look at the newspapers - which are 
> parochial, local and skewed, I think we should at least be graceful.
> To take a simple example, how many here knows that on the Rachel 
> Corrie humanitarian ship, forensic evidence shows a young American 
> named Fulk Dogan, 19 was shot dead lying face down on deck, and not 
> resisting or attacking the soldiers? Or Rachel Corrie herself, a young 
> American girl bulldozed while kneeling down in bright orange vest and 
> they claim they did not see her? Would american newspapers dare 
> highlight these atrocities done to their citizens where higher vested 
> interests are involved? I don't think so. So I am sympathetic to Joe.
> People are the same all over, exemplified by Corrie, where decency, 
> morals and ethics are concerned. If they knew better, if they truly 
> had freedom, if they not manipulated by politicians, if they are not 
> shackled by ideologies or made to 'drink kool-aid' by religion.
> May the Joes of the world turn into Corries.
So we are to think that Communism, Socialism and Fascism are only labels 
applied by the right.  On the other hand Capitalism is a man eating 
monster that is the tool of conservatives.  Sorry guys that kind of 
thinking bears the mark of a lack of knowledge and political subversion. 
In the first place Capitalism is not a form of Government it is a form 
of freedom for any who wish to rise above the level of employee.    We 
consumers are all free to be capitalists and most of us are in a small 
sense. When you put money in the bank or buy a CD you are investing 
business. Even buying insurance is a kind of investment though a lousy one.
     If you manage to save a little money in a socialist society  what 
do you do with it. You can't earn interest because Governments do not 
earn money they only print it.  There is no capitaism to place your 
savings with.  You hide your money under the mattress where it earns no 
interst to cover Government created taxes by inflation of money.
     Here in the US the first three Governemnts are against the law of 
the land. The law being our constitution.  This is the only country in 
the world where Federal Government is limited in duties by a sovereign 
people. It is also the only Nation where the citizens are sovereign as 
written into law by it's constitution.
    Most Europeans have the right to be socialists, which is a communist 
term for entry communism. Fascism is socialism that allows capitalism 
except it is run by Government and allows a profit on investment only.  
Which is not Capitalism. All of these Governments are subversive in the 
USA because they take away sovereign individual rights and every person 
must become a subject of Government.
     In France Zarcozee ( Spelling)  is an advocate of a more 
concervative Government though he can't be said to be on the right by 
any stretch.  He is also a democrat.  As such he is dependent on the 
French vote. If he and his Governement is taking bribes from Microsoft 
he will be found out and it is against the law there unlike here in 
America.  Here in the US we have legalized the taking of bribes from 
business by way of lobbying and campayne gifts.  We hear on the news 
about how crooked the Afghan Government is while ours is taking only 
legal bribes.  We are so corrupt here that we have made this illegal 
activity by Government legal and desirable.
     China has now evolved from Communism as do all communist and 
socialist Governments to Fascism.  Our corporations have moved our 
business to a Fascist China where they have no protection from 
Government would they have done that if they had protection here and in 
     What is drinking the cool aid?  Is invoking it it a way of making a 
political  statement without saying anything?
     Sorry guys every time I try to shut up somebody calls me a name.

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