Is Canonical Becoming The New Microsoft?

Ari Torhamo ari.torhamo at
Wed Feb 10 20:33:24 GMT 2010

ke, 2010-02-10 kello 21:00 +0530, Manish Sinha kirjoitti:

> Now way. You are over-reacting. Have you contributed a single penny to 
> Ubuntu project in any way? Directly or indirectly?
> Canonical needs money to survive and continue development of Ubuntu.
> For god's sake, they need money. sabdfl has already put billions of 
> dollars into this project. He deserves a return.

"Billions"? You ask others not to overreact, but present such hugely
exaggerated numbers yourself. Also, "have you contributed a single penny
to "x" yourself" is generally one of the lousiest argument you can make
against criticizm on anything - especially when you don't know how much
(money, time, effort) the one who's criticizing has contributed to the

> Dude! I repeat. They need money to survive.

DO YOU KNOW, that Canonical needs this deal to survive, or are you just
saying so? (Repeating doesn't make anything more true). Obviously
Canonical thought that this deal is worth making, but we don't know what
things they took into consideration and what they didn't.

> Urgg. Enough of fanaticism. Don't cook plots and conspiracy stories.

What fanaticism??? 

If you step on the feet of someone who's business is worth tens of
billions, you'd better prepare yourself for some plots and conspiracies.
Expect to face very sharp people with great imagination and great lack
of ethics


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