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2009/6/7 Brian Fahrlander <wheeldweller at gmail.com>:
> Steve Reilly wrote:
>> Chris Rees wrote:
>>> so people survive. Are you so against helping people? Why don't they
>>> 'deserve' help?
>> havent really been following this thread just decided to look at it,
>> what it has to do with the subject line i have no idea but ill still
>> comment lol.......i dont think its people are unwilling to help others.
>>  its the fact that  a greater percentage of people *on* welfare prefer
>> to *stay* on welfare, its a great gig at least in the us.  the country
>> isnt in *that* bad shape where if i quit my job today i could be working
>> elsewhere by tomorrow morning. there should be a 30 day limit on
>> benefits, this coming from a small upstate ny armpit town where welfare
>> fraud runs rampant. *thats* what make people unwilling to help others.
>> just like the old saying...... give people an inch, theyll take a mile,
>> itll never change.
>    Yes; very correct. The percentage of "impoverished" (meaning, on
> assistance, etc) hasn't changed a single percent since the "War on
> Poverty".  However, millions of family members think that
> subsitance-living is good enough, and it leaves more time to party on
> illegal drugs, having children they don't want (who thinks of them?) and
> killing each other. Single-mothers claim 80% of inmates...there *is* a
> connection.
>    Welfare is not a helping hand; it's a path to misery and pain. It
> was part of how Rome was conquered; everyone went to the circus to eat
> the bread, but eventually no one was able to afford the bread anymore.
>    Despite the class-envying and war-cries against Christianity, a
> Christian-run Capitalist system is fabulous: it permits innovation,
> grows the living standards of our planet, AND provides huge amounts of
> money and other help to the poor.
>    No, you don't have to be in church every Sunday to make this work,
> the entire culture pivots on the idea that we are *all* hungry and in
> pain at times.  It's up to use to help out. When capitalism isn't bonded
> with a charity-minded religion, what you get is India. Energy, math,
> science, cholera, starvation, and armies of legless children begging in
> the streets. Call someone an "untouchable" and you no longer need worry
> about them- they're sub-human, and you no longer need to care.  Take a
> look at Indian cities; a sad, deadly portrait of rust, decay and
> poverty.  Worse yet, some of the rich CUT ARMS OFF CHILDREN BEGGARS so
> they'll be able to beg for more...and the rich get that money, too. The
> idea just almost doesn't fit in my head, but I saw the news story.
>    Some people claim capitalism is greedy; well, "greed", the hope that
> by working harder you might make more money is a very, very important
> thing. You wouldn't want your daughter to marry a man without it.
> "Greed", popularized in the movies and other Liberal properties, where
> money is used as a weapon, well that just needs a new name.
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Sorry, I'm no longer interested now you drag religion into it.

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