Got Gutsy DVDs?

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Sat Oct 27 16:21:19 BST 2007

john.godzero at wrote:
> To All:
> The DVD ISOs are indeed needed for some of us.
> I, for instance, tend to install it on many of my computers, and
> computers not belonging to me.
> I guess you knew people like me exist - hence the DVD ISO.
> The savings on bandwidth and time are tremendous. I only wish I had a
> spare (low power) machine to make a local repository. Not a full repo,
> but a squid type box that would cache files on demand.
> My 2 cents.
> -John
> On 10/26/07, Matthew Nuzum <matthew.nuzum at> wrote:
>> On 10/26/07, Matt Zimmerman <mdz at> wrote:
>> > On Sat, Oct 20, 2007 at 11:40:34PM -0700, Scott (angrykeyboarder) wrote:
>> > > Dear Ubuntu,
>> > >
>> > > You reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally need some more mirrors for the 7.10 DVDs.
>> > > Continual timeouts on (ftp or
>> > > http) don't cut the mustard. Neither do 2 day torrent downloads on my
>> > > 6MB/s broadband connection.
>> > >
>> > The primary reason why they aren't mirrored is because of the amount of
>> > storage required (just mirroring the CDs is already quite a lot of space),
>> > but it's also worth noting that the DVD is not the best choice for most
>> > users.
>> >
>> > The CD is a much smaller download, and contains all of the default
>> > applications.  Installing from the DVD produces exactly the same result.
>> > The only difference is that the DVD contains additional non-default
>> > packages, which must be installed explicitly (add/remove etc.).
>> For documentation purposes, let me point out that there are download
>> mirrors for the DVDs (on the "complete list of download locations and
>> other download options" page linked to from the bottom of the download
>> page), but because there are fewer mirrors and because we aren't able
>> to use the automatic mirror prober to check for the existence of the
>> DVD downloads, this page is updated manually, less frequently than the
>> CD download options. (At the time of Scott's original post though,
>> there may not have been any DVD mirrors listed yet)
>> I've personally burned DVDs and as Matt said, there is no benefit for
>> someone like me with a good Internet connection. If there were a
>> tremendous benefit they'd be featured more prominently.
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Slightly OT:
I am helping to prepare crates of recycled PCs to send to Africa and 
am aware that the install CD (7.04) which I (and they) will use will 
ideally need security updates. Unfortunately the expected destinations 
have very poor internet access. I have an urgent interest in knowing 
how security updates for a vanilla install of ubuntu 7.04 could be 
elegantly handled on CD?

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