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Sat Oct 27 19:09:34 BST 2007

Op zaterdag 27-10-2007 om 16:21 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef ac:
> I am helping to prepare crates of recycled PCs to send to Africa and
> am aware that the install CD (7.04) which I (and they) will use will
> ideally need security updates. Unfortunately the expected destinations
> have very poor internet access. I have an urgent interest in knowing
> how security updates for a vanilla install of ubuntu 7.04 could be
> elegantly handled on CD?

If you mean that you want to send them update-CDs, you can create your
own repository CDs.  Sign these CD-repositories with your own repository
key, and pre-install the corresponding public key in apt's keyring to
make things more secure.

Jan Claeys

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