Want to run LAMP server on Xubuntu

Chanchao custom at freenet.de
Thu Jan 11 09:05:08 GMT 2007


(You may also want to post this on ubuntu-users at lists.ubuntu.com, that
one is for community user support.  This list is for discussions about
Love, The Universe and Everything, EXCEPT Ubuntu user/tech support. :)

> I could able to play with MySQL, Apache but could not able to test my
> PHP script. And to be honest I do not have internet
> connection in home. And not planning to get one soon. But I want to
> feel totally web developement under LAMP. But since 
> server edition lack the GUI feature. So unable to decide whether to
> stick with it or not.

You would need another computer networked to your server to test it. Or
better yet, install the 'ubuntu-desktop' (or xubuntu-desktop) package
using apt-get.   Then you just run the web browser and point it at your
own server (localhost). 

Or you could use a text-based command line browser... Would work for the
basic stuff I guess.  

Or you could download the (X)Ubuntu "Alternate" CD, then add it to your
sources.list and apt-get install (x)ubuntu-desktop from there.


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