Want to run LAMP server on Xubuntu

Chanchao custom at freenet.de
Thu Jan 11 08:45:40 GMT 2007

On Thu, 2007-01-11 at 13:42 +0530, Just Do it wrote:

> but the big problem is that...I think apt-get is only to get software
> from internet...but now I think I can fetch software from CD also(yet
> to try) ( but I don't have internet connection in my home:-))...so
> want to access from CD-ROM..

Indeed the server version includes the option to also install the web
server, database server and PHP.   (http://www.ubuntu.com/server ) Be
advised though that it is command-line only, so you DONT get the
graphical desktop environment you get with Ubuntu or Xubuntu.  (You can
add it of course, with an internet connection to download it form the

BTW...........if you don't have an internet connection, then your server
is not going to be a whole lot of serving is it.. :) Unless this is some
intranet setup?  Regardless it's good to go find an internet connection,
also for updates, etc.

> 1. Install the Xubuntu
> 2. Change the etc/*/sourcelist -- to put my Server CD path I don't
> know whether it will work or not????

Will work. (/etc/apt/sources.list).  Note that in Ubuntu (perhaps not
Xubuntu?) you can do this graphically as well using System ->
Administration -> Software Sources.  There's a checkbox there to also
include the CD-ROM or not.

> 3. Then will do the apt-get?? this is what you recomment it?? to
> install software from CD not from internet connection. 

Yes, that works. 

BTW, this seems more a question for the regular User Support list.. You
may want to ask the question there also for more/continued help.


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