Torvalds vs Waugh, KDE vs. GNOME [ was Re: "Revolution OS" (The Movie).]

Jeff Waugh jdub at
Tue Jan 2 03:09:34 GMT 2007

<quote who="Scott">

> >> I like both of you, but I had to go with Linus on that KDE thing. :-)
> > 
> > Oh, that KDE developers are not idiots or Nazis? Thanks man, they'll
> > really appreciate your sentiment. I'll make sure to pass it on. I'm sure
> > they were concerned.
> I wasn't concerned about how GNOME or KDE developers think about how I
> feel about them (OK perhaps with one exception [1]).
> I was referring specifically to when Linus wrote [2]:

I know what you were referring to. I gave you a silly (hopefully) dead-end
reply because you're just trying to stir up noise on the list.

> It's downright sad and discouraging that an otherwise very impressive
> Desktop Environment (GNOME) has seemingly come to have such contempt for a
> group of people that comprise the majority of it's users.

Thing is, we haven't. Linus is welcome to his opinion, but you don't have to
believe that he is correct. Can you leave it at that, or do you want to keep
stirring up silly crap like this?

- Jeff

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