KDE vs. GNOME -- Make Love Not War!

Harold hrsawyer at comcast.net
Mon Jan 1 16:42:59 GMT 2007

You are right: Make love not war.

GNOME doesn't use less overhead than that of KDE. There are a couple of tests 
out there that show on average that KDE utilizes up to 25% less resources 
than GNOME. Granted this 25% will really never be seen by the human eye. 

Just goes to show you how wrong the perceptions are among non-techies. I 
use Gnome because I have gotten used to it as well.

I am putting a refurb together for my grandson that has to use qemu to 
run windows and a windows program he has from school. Therefore I am 
installing slackware (ubuntu errors out when using qemu). It defaults to 
KDE and I was wanting to replace it with Gnome. But with your 
information about overhead, I will now leave it with KDE (though it will 
be different than his mothers computer which runs with Gnome).

Thanks for the info.

Happy New Year everybody.


?Harold Sawyer

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