Torvalds vs Waugh, KDE vs. GNOME [ was Re: "Revolution OS" (The Movie).]

Rich Johnson nixternal at
Mon Jan 1 16:18:44 GMT 2007

On Monday 01 January 2007 08:31, Harold wrote:
| I have always gone with Gnome because it uses less overhead.  Even when
| I switched from Redhat to Mandrake, I stuck with Gnome.  I still use it
| with Ubuntu.  I guess it is because I am more oriented towards using and
| less towards tweaking.

GNOME doesn't use less overhead than that of KDE. There are a couple of tests 
out there that show on average that KDE utilizes up to 25% less resources 
than GNOME. Granted this 25% will really never be seen by the human eye. This 
whole post is reiterating the annoying GNOVE vs. KDE wars that have gone on 
since I can remember. I use both DEs, and prefer KDE over GNOME, and my 
reasoning behind this isn't KDE is easier or better, but I have used KDE 
since its birth. IMHO KDE is better, but every review you see of the DEs are 
nothing more than opinions, just as this thread is.

I think we can all agree that DOS is the greatest :) Make love not war! GNOME 
and KDE are both great DEs and lets leave it at that.

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