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>> On Friday 06 October 2006 19:31, Chanchao wrote:
>> > This is getting pretty philosophical.. In rigidly pursuing absolute
>> > Freedom, people can't play their music without jumping through
>> > hoops..
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>> > Chanchao
> You have to jump through hoops on any installation from scratch. 
> Remember that in most cases, the OEM has done all the work for you. 
> Have you ever tried to install windows from scratch and watch a DVD
> right after installation?  Or play MP3s?  Or various other things?

In his exmaple he just cited MP3s and Windows Media Player plays them
out of the box with a fresh install of Windows (from the Windows CD).

You mention OEM installs and and imply it's not a fair compariosn. 
Technically it's not, but the fact is "Mom and Dads"
(Dell/Gateway/HP/Compaq/eMachines/Acer...) Computer arrived at their
doorstep with an OEM installed and configured Windows XP OS. (with "out
of the box" support for playing mp3, wmv & wma files (and possibly even
QuickTime and Real formats if those players were installed).  OEMs
generally include a "stripped" down version of DVD players as well
(generally suitable for most anything "Mom & Dad" would need).

I'm not dissling Linux, I much prefer it. But then, I'm willing to do
what it takes to get it working the way I want it (ie.g. full
multimedia support).

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