Freespire's Google ads: "What is Ubuntu Missing?"

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> On Friday 06 October 2006 19:31, Chanchao wrote:

> > This is getting pretty philosophical.. In rigidly pursuing absolute
> > Freedom, people can't play their music without jumping through hoops..
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You have to jump through hoops on any installation from scratch.  Remember that in most cases, the OEM has done all the work for you.  Have you ever tried to install windows from scratch and watch a DVD right after installation?  Or play MP3s?  Or various other things?  

The point is, Ubuntu needs to be a free OS.  It needs to be universally unencumbered.  The path to that is through the methods they are following right now that are present in Ubuntu Guide or various other outlets (Automatix / EasyUbuntu).

If you still feel that the desktop is not "ready" for your mom and dad or the common man, at least judge it on an equivellant to what they get from the local computer store.  Put OEM Ubuntu on, configure it, and then ship it to them preconfigured.   

I don't think Ubuntu makes users jump through any more or less hoops than your standard Windows OS.


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