Re: Ubuntu in the news: "Cosmonaut takes on Windows’ global reach "

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Wed Jan 25 07:11:45 GMT 2006

> > "Estimates put the number of computers running Ubuntu at up to
> > 6-million and doubling every eight months."
> As for the numbers, that would rank us along with Mandriva, which
> claim 6 to 8 million users. I think we are actually lower than that,
> but there is no good way to track this.

A 6-million figure has showed up in another article today, this time
for the number of Ubuntu CDs that has been distributed until now:

"Shuttleworth believes India encouraged the early adoption of ICTs,
"Distributing CDs is a labour of love. We've distributed six million
CDs already. I don't know if it is sustainable. At this stage, I fund
it because I feel it's the right think to do."

Daniel Robitaille

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